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Austek Engineering Trading Pty

Areas of Work

Over the years Austek has met the needs of it's clients in many industries including:

  • Recycling Industry and Equipment
  • Industrial Processing Equipment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Defence
  • Mining
  • Agricultural and Farming

    Recent Projects
  • Concrete insert for removable bollards which can be locked when in position and when necessary removed and covered for safety-generally galvanised.

    Drive shaft and sprocket assembly for large chain conveyor used in the recycling industry.

    Custom built benches to customers specifications and requirements.

    Custom built benches to customers specifications and requirements.

    Mobile tray racks for the bakery industry.

    Stainless Steel tank and heating element for the food industry.

    Machined parts for the paper processing industry.

    Billet steel pipe spool.

    Custom stainless steel bracket.

    Stainless steel pipe fitting.

    Stainless steel manifolds.

    Stainless steel transfer bucket supplied to the bakery industry.

    Custom switch mounting brackets.

    Some of the older projects Austek has worked on in the past are shown below. (please be patient as our gallery loads)